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Want to avoid

Want to make
a baby?



Heard about it? Want to know more?

You are invited to read about the discovery of what
appears to be nature's own form of female human
contraception or creativity. Discovered more than
thirty years ago, it is a capacity built right into
women's bodies, operating in response to
predictable influences from the environment. No
pills, surgery, devices or potions are required. It
doesn't violate your body in any way, and there are
no "side effects."

Lunaception can't accurately be called a "system" or
method of "control." There is more to it than that. It
is: a revolutionary frame of reference for looking at
your own body; a biologically gratifying way to
come into a personal balance with the universe; a
tool for health; and, last but not least, a possible
means to discretionary conception.

Although tens of thousands of women have success-
fully used Lunaception either for contraception or to
have a baby, no large test has ever been done. It has
always been my hope that this book will induce one.
I intend no miracles. I do believe whole heartedly
that almost any fertile woman can get to know her
body so well, can be so tuned into her part of the
cosmos, that she will be able to make pregnancy a
timely option, instead of an inevitabiity.

This book will show you why and how. If you need
additional help, that is there, too.


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